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Dr Ryan York
Certified Golf Performance Specialist and Doctor of Physical Therapy

Hello, my name is Dr Ryan York.

I'm a Certified Golf Performance Specialist and Doctor of Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Physical Therapist. I work with golfers of all ages and intimately understand the biomechanics of golf in older players.

What Does The Mean For You?

No matter what your current skill level is, I am about to reveal a way you can literally re-invent your golf game, sky rocket your ball striking ability, and launch your drives into areas on the fairway you have never been before.

You'll play the best golf of your life, and even better - you can do it pain free and enjoy driving the ball further than you did 10 years ago!

There Is Not A Single Program In The Entire World Which Covers The Needs Of Senior Golfers Like This One Does

If You Are A Golfer Over 50, How Would You Like To…..

  • Drive the ball Further than you did 10 years ago
  • Make Clean, Consistent Contact every time
  • Dominate your foursome
  • Feel Young on the golf course again
  • Finally Outplay that pesky son-in-law
  • Have Fun, enjoy the Good Life with great golf!

If You Are A Female Golfer, How Would You Like To…..

  • Outdrive and Outplay those guys that are always giving you golf tips that you didn’t ask for
  • Putt for more Birdies by hitting greens
  • Feel the Gratification of really Hammering the driver
  • Finally BREAK into the 90’s, or even 80’s

If You Are A High Handicap Golfer, How Would You Like To…….

  • Finally play Consistent Golf
  • Quit yelling “fore” and instead, Find and SEE your ball in the fairway more often
  • Get over the Constant Frustration not playing up to your expectations
  • Get the Respect you want on the golf course

Easily master these skills...

For the past 5 years, I have worked exclusively with golfers just like you! Golfers over 50 who are beginning to feel the effects of age on their golf game. With my expertise, training, and the genius of Dr. Chad Edwards, we set out on a journey to provide a comprehensive golf performance program with golf exercises for seniors that could completely transform the experience of golfers over 50.

We have spoken at conferences and golf clubs, written extensively for website magazines and books, and consulted with PGA teaching professionals. We believe that we have come up with something special. But don’t take my word for it, you can read our most recent testimonials from golfers that we have worked with.

“I’ve taken a lot of golf lessons-even attended a four day golf school-but I’ve never learned as much about my swing and how to get more distance and power than I have from the Age-Defying Golf program. I’ve gained flexibility and physical strength in my swing and am now hitting the ball further and straighter. I’ve even taken 8-10 strokes off of my game since starting this program.

But more importantly to me is the confidence and enjoyment I now have in my game. I’m excited to play and love working on specific exercises that relate directly to golf. The Age-Defying Golf program will provide me with the physical ability to continue playing this game well into the future” - Cynthia Fowler

After my second back surgery in the last 10 years, at age 62, I didn’t know if I would ever play golf again. But thanks to Dr. Ryan York and the Age Defying Golf program, I am now playing some of the best golf of my life.

For the first time in a long while I am playing “pain free”, and I feel so much stronger and more flexible. I have been able to regain all the distance I lost with aging, and am now hitting the ball as far as I did 20 years ago.

I feel so much better now that I can move about my day freely and with confidence. It has also rejuvenated my skiing, hiking, and biking. “20-30 minutes, three times a week”…an amazing result for relatively little work and effort. Give Age Defying Golf a try, I highly recommend it for all of you want to keep feeling young.  Jim Beaver

My Whole Step-By-Step System Revealed For The First Time To The Public

Outside of the many golfers that we worked with in our clinic, we have never revealed this trademarked program to anyone.

We organized this system into a 3-Phase set called Age Defying Golf Rx. Age Defying Golf Rx which is specifically designed for any golfer over 50 who is looking for machine like precision and golf striking consistency, along with more golf power while reducing risk of injury.

Age Defying Golf Rx for those who are looking to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling game of golf throughout their retirement.

I am going to share with you my practical, step-by-step system that is based on golf principles, golf body training, and strategies we have spent the last 7 years developing. We have used this system with golfers to:

  • Improve consistency
  • Increase power and add needed distance
  • Improve accuracy
  • Lower golf scores in chunks at a time
  • Eliminate pain and avoid injury
  • Help golfers consistently hit great shots that get them smiling on the golf course again
  • All for (exclusively for) golfers over the age of 50

Real Success From Real Customers...

Judy Charney

I started playing golf when I was 43. My friends all teased me about my very short back swing.

When I was young, I broke my back in a sky diving accident that resulted in a few of my vertebrae fusing together. This made it so the rotation of my spine was diminished. Then came Age-Defying Golf Rx.

Age Defying Golf was able to help me increase the flexibility in my back and strengthen my rotation of my body; therefore I am able to hit the ball further and more accurate then I had in the past. More importantly, it didn’t hurt my back to perform this movement. My back problem couldn’t be cured but by using Age-Defying Golf I will have years of golf in my future. I would recommend it for anyone, young and old

Judy Charney Boise, ID
Kay Clark

I have played golf on and off for almost 20 years and I truly fell in love with the game. I was constantly asking my friends for tips and I desperately wanted to uncover the secrets that all the lower handicap golfers seemed to know.

I took numerous lessons from golf pros with the hopes of learning how to increase my power, accuracy and consistency. They always gave me too much to think about and I left more confused with no results.

With Age Defying Golf, Dr York and Dr. Edwards showed me how to train my muscles to remember the correct way to drive a ball through simple repetitive exercises. How easy is that! I now golf with confidence with golfers who have lower handicaps

Kay Clark New Zealand

Here's How My Age Defying Golf Program Gets These Amazing Results:

We have organized this unique system into 3 easy to follow phases that will take you from the all important, foundational mechanics, body stabilization, and golf flexibility to pain prevention with specific golf exercises for seniors, along with cutting edge muscle memory and speed training.

  • Phase 1: The Foundational Phase: Mastering golf specific flexibility, ingraining foundational golf principles
  • Phase 2: The Transitional Phase: Your golf body transition to machine like consistency, repeatable mechanics and effortless power
  • Phase 3: The Explosion Phase: Easy speed training for penetrating golf power, the latest golf flexibility exercises specific for golfers over 50, and the principles that will separate you as the long ball player in your foursome without breaking your back!
  • All in as little as a few short sessions a week. Super Easy!

In a closed-door, in-depth series of videos we show you exactly what you need to do each day to completely turn your body and your golf game around!

You can watch them online on any device: including your phone, your laptop, your desktop computer or your iPad or tablet. You can watch them as many times over as you like and follow our easy step-by-step instructions in the comfort of home.

Normally you would pay $500-$1,000 for this training as a 12-week course or in private lessons, but not any more!

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YES, I want to play the best golf of my life - pain free!

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We are going through the biggest golf training and instruction shake up since the game of golf was first conceived. We have entered a new era of golf instruction and advancement, just like the revolution in golf equipment in recent times.

Even more importantly, you and your body are going through rapid changes that rival the growth spurts you experienced in your school days.

You have a limited time to take advantage of this training program, and now is the time to take this opportunity

Plus Your 6 Limited Time Bonuses (Valued at $65)

We have organized this unique system into 3 easy to follow phases that will take you from the all important, foundational mechanics, body stabilization, and golf flexibility to pain prevention with specific golf exercises for seniors, along with cutting edge muscle memory and speed training.

Excitingly, we have also shared a special chapter from the worlds masters of the longest ball drivers on their secrets to golf power.

BONUS #1: The Foundation, Transformation and Explosion E-Books

These easy-to-follow instructional eBooks make the Age Defying Golf Rx program even easier to put into action

Including explanations of the golf exercises for seniors and clear pictures to give easy, added instructions on each training you will see on the videos.

We take every measure for this to be a smooth and enjoyable experience. Includes the Foundation E-book (61 illustrated pages), Transformation E-book (47 illustrated pages), Explosion E-book (58 illustrated pages).

BONUS #2: Self Swing Evaluation E-Book (VALUE: $10.00):

Track your progress and improvements with this 22-page photo guide.

A do-it-yourself guide for you to discover all your strengths and weakness and get a score so you can see where you are starting from.

Re-check yourself as you progress through our system to see your progress - you will be able to see the real changes happening in your golf swing!

BONUS #3: Quick Start Guides

Each phase comes with its own Quick Start Guide to get you going on the right track quickly and easily. Everything works seamlessly.

BONUS #4: 10 Free Age Defying Bonus Stretch Manuals (VALUE: $100)

We think this is the best bonus. Bored of the same old stretches? Plateau’d? Need to work on a trouble spot? As a bonus to our signature program, we are offering 10 unique and effective stretch manuals of golf exercises for seniors .

Manuals of golf exercises for seniors such as our “Ultimate Back Flexibility,” ” The Super 7 Golf Specific Stretches, ”  plus 8 more.

All stretch guides can be come with estimated completion times so you can choose a quick routine to fit your busy schedule.

BONUS #5: The Golfing Good Life: Golf Instruction for Golfers Over 50 (VALUE: $10)

Our all time best selling book! Written specifically to correct the most common swing faults and issues that golfers over 50 make. We put this book together after working with thousands of golfers over 50. The lessons you will find in here are priceless and timeless

BONUS #5: Pain-Free Golf: Solutions for Golfers Over 50 (Value: $9.99)

For a limited time, when you purchase the Age Defying Golf Rx program, we will also send you our newest book…absolutely free!

Learn how to enjoy your favourite game pain free into your 50s, 60s and beyond

What Is This All Worth?

Normally we charge $40 per 20 minute session to personally guide and instruct our golfers through this program. That alone places that value you get from the video programs we put together at $480.

Then, add the value of the 5 eBooks, including extra tips and instruction and additional guides with golf exercises for seniors that cover every question we have ever received which would add at least $100 to the value (more if you knew the blood, sweat, and tears we invested to make this product undisputedly fantastic).

If you attend in person, most people expect to pay $500-$1000 for this 12-week course.

Most people would guess that the cost for this course would be in that range. Fortunately, it is not. The entire system, including including your 6 free bonuses is yours for only $179 $97.

We even offer a…

Safety-Sam 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you aren't completely happy with the program, we are happy to give you a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee

I’m so certain that you will be thrilled with this system that I’ll give you 60 days to try it out with ZERO RISK. If you are not ecstatic with the golf game you have developed, just let me know within 60 days and I will give you a full refund – no questions asked.

If you are not thrilled with the instruction we provide, I don’t want to take your money. That means you get to go through all the phases of Age Defying Golf Rx before you decide if this system is for you.

Don’t give in to the “age” excuse! You’ve got lots of years left in your game . . . Join the thousands of senior golfers who have already decided to have more fun playing golf into their retirement years. Order the Age Defying Golf Rx package.

Get Instant Access To My Complete Training System

YES, I want to play the best golf of my life - pain free!

Price Today: $179.00
Today Only $97

You will get instant access to my easy to follow program,
so you can start driving further and faster, feeling healthy
and energetic on the course, and playing consistent and pain free golf.
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